One-click Tag Editor

One-click Tag Editor allows you create and edit MP3 tags simply right-clicking audio files, without launching an application. All you need is right-click audio files or a group of music files and pick "Edit tags" option on the menu. Or even simplier open "properties" of audio files to edit tags right there. You may create, edit and manage tags of MP3, WMA and OGG audio files with One-click Tag Editor. This instant tag editor supports batch tagging so you may change some field of a tag for a group of songs or tracks. You may enable autocompletion for each field of tag to let tag editor predict the word you want to enter if you've been entering it before, for example artist name you often use. One-click Tag Editor supports both ID3v1 and IDv2 MP3 tags, it can handle not just MP3 tags but also tags for WMA and OGG audio.

Tag Editor main window One-click Tag Editor can also rename your audio files according to their tags. You may choose the renaming pattern you want (for example "Artist - Album - Title.mp3") or create your own.

What's Tag Editor?

Tag editor allows you to add and edit tag data of MP3 and other audio files. Tag information includes title, artist name, album name, genre, year and other related data. Tags are used by audio players, both hardware and software, they may be also used to sort and organize audio files.

How to create and edit tags with One-click Tag Editor?

It's easy to edit and create MP3 tags, WMA tags and Ogg vorbis tags with One-click Tag Editor. This tag editor provides one click editing directly from context menu or from audio file properties window. You may right-click a single file, a group of files or entire folders with your music to edit some similar tag fields simultaneously.

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Highlights of One-click Tag Editor

- Edit tags of MP3, WMA and OGG audio files
- Create tags of MP3, WMA and OGG files
- Batch editing of entire folders or a group of files
- Rename songs according to tags
- Sort files by artist, album and year tags and place to folders
- "one click" tag editing
- Autocompletion option for each field of tag
One-click Tag Editor is extremely easy in use, you don't need to run it to add or edit your tags. Simply right-click any audio files or music folders and pick "Edit audio tags" on the context menu.
Right-click to edit tags
How to use tag editor?

One-click Tag Editor boxshot

Create tags for MP3, WMA, OGG files with tag editor
Edit tags of MP3, WMA, OGG files using One-click Tag Editor
Batch editing (files and folders) is supported by tag editor
Rename songs by tags easily with tag editor
Edit tags in one click
Autocompletion for each field
Supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags

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